Saturday, August 08, 2009

on our anniversary

My Dear Husband, Dragonslayer,

One of the coolest things about being married to an actor is that you're not afriad of big displays. We have walked down busy streets and you've yelled, "I love this woman!" - in fact you've done that multiple times. You have sung songs to me while we danced at a club. You lined the stairs to our apartment with hershey's kisses and love notes. You put a banner in the window to celebrate when I did well in my studies. You contacted friends and family to make a "newsletter" for my birthday. You wrote a letter to me for the whole world to see, on your blog, A Good Husband. And you never, ever, ever in those first difficult years threatened to leave or divorce me.

One of the coolest things about being married to a wonderful husband is that you're not afraid of little displays. You will snuggle with me. Bring me Gilmore Girls and chocolate when I'm blue. Bring flowers to make up or just to say 'I love you'. Hide Valentines for me to find over the course of several weeks. Make Chinese food when I'm too tired to cook. Wash the dishes. Rub my feet. Let me give you a great big hug because I missed you while you were at work.

I know I'm prone to being jealous and insecure, but, by golly you make it difficult to continue feeling that way.

Love is a many-splendid thing. There's a reason so many poets pick it as a theme. I have learned so much about love from you. About patient love and tender love. About love that shows itself in kindness or diligence. About the love of friendship. The love of shared interests. The love that grows when people work towards the same ends. Of course, virtually all I know of intimate, sexual love I've learned from you, and with you. Most of all I've learned about the great love story that is marriage. Too many stories stop on the wedding day and it's a shame - though I suppose the everyday story of a happy marriage isn't very exciting, unless it's your own life.

Thank you for being my husband and teaching me about love. I look forward to learning more from-and with-you. I love you. I've loved you for a decade. As your wife, I've loved you for seven years now. I'll love you for many, many more.

Your Loving Wife,
Fair Maiden

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A Good Husband said...


I adore you.

Thank you.