Monday, June 15, 2009

causes of rosy tinted cheeks

Dear Sexy Man,

I sit here and a knowing smile and peaceful spell comes over me as I thrill in solitude. In my mind I am wrapped in your arms, held close to you and caressed to sleep. In my mind I contemplate the deep pleasures of the loving look in your eyes. And in my mind I am thrilled to discover that my admirable husband—so able and accomplished in relating to men and things of men’s world—is as well considerably accomplished in causing a blush upon my cheek, a quickening of my pulse, a thrill from head to foot and this knowing smile upon my lips.

Love from your Blushing Bride


A Good Husband said...

I kiss you. (and you like it) ;)

miss liss said...

why yes indeed I do.

I kiss you back (and front).