Monday, March 30, 2009

things I can do but that Dragonslayer does better

[image "Orange mood" courtesy Pensiero"]

  1. define words: I was reasonably certain what 'disingenious' meant, but I knew that Dragonslayer would know. I asked him. I was right he knew.
  2. move bulky items: the t.v. {a 40" plasma screen flat tv) was blocking a window, I didn't want it to block the window, Dragonslayer picked it up and moved it. I think it took him 30 seconds. It would've taken me much, much, much longer.
  3. get things done now: I get things done. I plan them into my schedule. Dragonslayer gets things done immediately. He epitomizes the advice "why put off til tomorrow what you could get done today".
  4. play scrabble: actually I won't play scrabble, too long. we play speed scrabble, Dragonslayer wins - like regularly. Recently he was handicapped - can only spell 4-letter words. He still rocked at it.
  5. lift heavy things: actually, I don't know that I can lift heavy items. I can move them sure, but lift - not so much. Case in point - we moved boxes from our apartment to a storage unit. Dragonslayer hefted multiple boxes and moved quickly. I hefty singular boxes and moved like I was slightly crippled.
  6. move high objects: we have stools to step on, I have good balance - but if Dragonslayer is around it's no contest. Knowing this I regularly ask for assistance. Being awesome he regularly gives it.
  7. cook mabo dofu: there are recipes. I could read the recipes - but Dragonslayer just knows. It's like a talisman he carries around, the knowledge of cooking spicy tofu, or stir fry. I have to take cookbooks to give me lots of food options. Dragonslayer just has lots of food options inherently in his knowledge.
  8. wear argyle: I could, but I don't look nearly as good in it as Dragonslayer. It's his "thang."
  9. give neck kisses: clearly I have the ability - I just think I'm not as good at it as Dragonslayer. My kisses there don't affect him nearly as much as his kisses there.

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A Good Husband said...

Mmmm...neck kisses.

and I do rock the argyle ;)