Monday, March 30, 2009

things I can do but that Dragonslayer does better

[image "Orange mood" courtesy Pensiero"]

  1. define words: I was reasonably certain what 'disingenious' meant, but I knew that Dragonslayer would know. I asked him. I was right he knew.
  2. move bulky items: the t.v. {a 40" plasma screen flat tv) was blocking a window, I didn't want it to block the window, Dragonslayer picked it up and moved it. I think it took him 30 seconds. It would've taken me much, much, much longer.
  3. get things done now: I get things done. I plan them into my schedule. Dragonslayer gets things done immediately. He epitomizes the advice "why put off til tomorrow what you could get done today".
  4. play scrabble: actually I won't play scrabble, too long. we play speed scrabble, Dragonslayer wins - like regularly. Recently he was handicapped - can only spell 4-letter words. He still rocked at it.
  5. lift heavy things: actually, I don't know that I can lift heavy items. I can move them sure, but lift - not so much. Case in point - we moved boxes from our apartment to a storage unit. Dragonslayer hefted multiple boxes and moved quickly. I hefty singular boxes and moved like I was slightly crippled.
  6. move high objects: we have stools to step on, I have good balance - but if Dragonslayer is around it's no contest. Knowing this I regularly ask for assistance. Being awesome he regularly gives it.
  7. cook mabo dofu: there are recipes. I could read the recipes - but Dragonslayer just knows. It's like a talisman he carries around, the knowledge of cooking spicy tofu, or stir fry. I have to take cookbooks to give me lots of food options. Dragonslayer just has lots of food options inherently in his knowledge.
  8. wear argyle: I could, but I don't look nearly as good in it as Dragonslayer. It's his "thang."
  9. give neck kisses: clearly I have the ability - I just think I'm not as good at it as Dragonslayer. My kisses there don't affect him nearly as much as his kisses there.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

03.20.2009 - 03.21.2009

does going to see one-another's performances count as a date? I don't know. Dragonslayer took off work to come to a film showing. [previously on 03.17.2009 he took an evening to see a tap dance performance, the end discussion was over thudding ballerinas and a very creepy old man]. the day after the film showing Fair Maiden watched Dragonslayer in Tragedy: a Tragedy, the tie movement was amusing. poor, poor Michael - he doesn't get any.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


went tango dancing. Fair Maiden was the impetus, as she needed a break from finals (calligraphy and art history remaining). didn't go well. Dragonslayer didn't want to be there, felt upset and clumsy. nothing for it. we may end up giving up tango dancing.