Thursday, December 03, 2009


When, some years ago, Dragonslayer was on a spiritual journey he learned how to make this amazingly nutritious meal: fried rice. Occasionally I ask him to make me a large pot and I warm and eat the leftovers for breakfast the ensuing week to ten days.

Thanks Dragonslayer.
I feel my spirits rising.

Monday, October 12, 2009

thirty minus one

Since Mr. Dragonslayer was out of town for his birthday I sent him a series of happy birthday text messages. Here they are reproduced in the same order and with the same spellings. [image by Mzelle Biscotte]

Happy Birthday, Love!

You are awesome because you tie your own shoes.
You are awesome because you eat the most important meal of the day.
You are awesome because you wash dishes.
You are awesome because you can be depended on 2 meet your work commitments.
You are awesome because you let me snuggle up 2 you.
You are awesome because you are an early adapter.
You are awesome because you have a strong testimony.
You are awesome because even though you r a guy you will go 2 the doctor.
You are awesome because you are loyal 2 me.
You are awesome because you let me pick the order on netflix.
You are awesome because you give amazing neck kisses.
You are awesome because you can be depended on 2 meet your theatre commitments.
You are awesome because your hands palm my waist.
You are awesome because you save money by eating sandwiches 4 lunch.
You are awesome because you made it to ur 29th birthday.

Happy Taiwan Independence Day!

You are awesome because your thighs are really strong.
You are awesome because you arrange the bedroom 4 easy sleeping.
You are awesome because u r such a good actor.
You are awesome because you were my first kiss.
You are awesome because u introduced me 2 jeff foxworthy.
You are awesome because you have a vast vocabulary.
You are awesome because you r creative.
You are awesome because you have a sense of humor.
You are awesome because of your nose twitch.
You are awesome because you r my husband.
You are awesome because you love ur momma.
You are awesome because you understand dogs.
You are awesome because you relate 2 beavers.
This needed explaining:
Him: What? Beavers?
Me: In tight dirt.
Later on me to him in person: did it make sense?
Him: you meant gopher; but that's okay, it was cute.
Me: oh, I knew that! I probably got mixed up because I was watching Jeff Foxworthy and he was telling a story about a beaver.
You are awesome because you look good in argyle.
You are awesome because you make women go weak in the knees.
That should be 29 reasons u r awesome, if not then u r awesome because you r 4giving. I love you!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

taking out the garbage

Dear --
I know how much you dislike tedious tasks. Thanks for taking out the garbage, even though it is a tedious task. It's a small thing but it makes me feel cared for, taken care of, listened to, important and equal to you.
Not bad for a chore, huh?
Love --

Saturday, August 08, 2009

on our anniversary

My Dear Husband, Dragonslayer,

One of the coolest things about being married to an actor is that you're not afriad of big displays. We have walked down busy streets and you've yelled, "I love this woman!" - in fact you've done that multiple times. You have sung songs to me while we danced at a club. You lined the stairs to our apartment with hershey's kisses and love notes. You put a banner in the window to celebrate when I did well in my studies. You contacted friends and family to make a "newsletter" for my birthday. You wrote a letter to me for the whole world to see, on your blog, A Good Husband. And you never, ever, ever in those first difficult years threatened to leave or divorce me.

One of the coolest things about being married to a wonderful husband is that you're not afraid of little displays. You will snuggle with me. Bring me Gilmore Girls and chocolate when I'm blue. Bring flowers to make up or just to say 'I love you'. Hide Valentines for me to find over the course of several weeks. Make Chinese food when I'm too tired to cook. Wash the dishes. Rub my feet. Let me give you a great big hug because I missed you while you were at work.

I know I'm prone to being jealous and insecure, but, by golly you make it difficult to continue feeling that way.

Love is a many-splendid thing. There's a reason so many poets pick it as a theme. I have learned so much about love from you. About patient love and tender love. About love that shows itself in kindness or diligence. About the love of friendship. The love of shared interests. The love that grows when people work towards the same ends. Of course, virtually all I know of intimate, sexual love I've learned from you, and with you. Most of all I've learned about the great love story that is marriage. Too many stories stop on the wedding day and it's a shame - though I suppose the everyday story of a happy marriage isn't very exciting, unless it's your own life.

Thank you for being my husband and teaching me about love. I look forward to learning more from-and with-you. I love you. I've loved you for a decade. As your wife, I've loved you for seven years now. I'll love you for many, many more.

Your Loving Wife,
Fair Maiden

Sunday, June 28, 2009

the amazing husband

Me: How do I get a hotdog with all the fixings?

Him: You ask me really nicely to go to the store.

Me: Darling, I would really appreciate it if you went to the store and got me a beefy hotdog with all the fixings. will you please go to the store and get me a beefy hotdog with all the fixings?

Him: Oh?

Me: Yes, please, would you go to the store and get me a beefy hotdog?

Him: [pretending not to smile] Uh-huh.

Me: Yes I would really, really appreciate it if after you've sufficiently vanquished the foe your fighting you went to the store and got me a beefy hotdog with all the fixings.

Him: You're adorable.

Me: You're wonderful. I love you so much.

and then . . . he went to the store, purchased all the hotdog fixings, came home and made me yummy-in-my-tummy hotdog with all the fixings . . . and I'm not even pregnant.

"He's the most wonderful man in the world"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

luck o' the Irish


It was a pleasure to meet you.
Enjoy your flight back to the Emerald Isle.


image courtesy Diane K.

Monday, June 15, 2009

causes of rosy tinted cheeks

Dear Sexy Man,

I sit here and a knowing smile and peaceful spell comes over me as I thrill in solitude. In my mind I am wrapped in your arms, held close to you and caressed to sleep. In my mind I contemplate the deep pleasures of the loving look in your eyes. And in my mind I am thrilled to discover that my admirable husband—so able and accomplished in relating to men and things of men’s world—is as well considerably accomplished in causing a blush upon my cheek, a quickening of my pulse, a thrill from head to foot and this knowing smile upon my lips.

Love from your Blushing Bride

Thursday, June 11, 2009

being a wife is fun

My Love,

In my mind’s eye I can see you come in the door and all cares drop from your weary shoulders as you see me, smiling, welcoming, caring for you. I love the way you’ll drop a kiss on my cheek. The way you’ll explain to me—so patiently—what demons you have wrestled with all day and how well you bested them. I love the way my little laugh will bring a smile to your eyes and your breathing relaxes and deepens. I love to think of how you’ll catch my hand and kiss it to let me know I’ve done my job beautifully, and you are feeling restored and rejuvenated to the wonderful, admirable, capable slayer of demons and dragons I so admire.

Your Li’l’ Wife

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


dear darling,

It must be so very difficult for you to have such deep, high and fine ideals and aspirations that aren’t being met. I just want you to know that I admire your determination, courage and resolve to keep working towards them.

your darling li’l’ wife

Thursday, May 21, 2009

thank you


Thank you for locating a sorcerer who knew the right spells to cast the "reboot loop" demon out.

Fair Maiden

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


If you would comment more I would post more.

I keep thinking it would be fun to have conversations in the comments, I think to myself, well it didn't go well in person so I'll use the blog instead and that will be a better way to communicate about this. But then there isn't any communication coming back.

Now you know.

Monday, May 11, 2009

If I had a $1,000,000

Okay, okay, so today when I said "I give you a million dollars" it wasn't so helpful. Maybe these guys will have better luck.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

somehow find you and I collide

We've had "issues" recently . . . a few days ago some of them came up. A little while later I was in the (zip)car driving home when this song by Howie Day came on. I find it ironic how similar the lyrics are to some of the things Dragonslayer will say to me.

One of the great things about music is that it can help you hear the message that words alone aren't communicating to you.

Monday, March 30, 2009

things I can do but that Dragonslayer does better

[image "Orange mood" courtesy Pensiero"]

  1. define words: I was reasonably certain what 'disingenious' meant, but I knew that Dragonslayer would know. I asked him. I was right he knew.
  2. move bulky items: the t.v. {a 40" plasma screen flat tv) was blocking a window, I didn't want it to block the window, Dragonslayer picked it up and moved it. I think it took him 30 seconds. It would've taken me much, much, much longer.
  3. get things done now: I get things done. I plan them into my schedule. Dragonslayer gets things done immediately. He epitomizes the advice "why put off til tomorrow what you could get done today".
  4. play scrabble: actually I won't play scrabble, too long. we play speed scrabble, Dragonslayer wins - like regularly. Recently he was handicapped - can only spell 4-letter words. He still rocked at it.
  5. lift heavy things: actually, I don't know that I can lift heavy items. I can move them sure, but lift - not so much. Case in point - we moved boxes from our apartment to a storage unit. Dragonslayer hefted multiple boxes and moved quickly. I hefty singular boxes and moved like I was slightly crippled.
  6. move high objects: we have stools to step on, I have good balance - but if Dragonslayer is around it's no contest. Knowing this I regularly ask for assistance. Being awesome he regularly gives it.
  7. cook mabo dofu: there are recipes. I could read the recipes - but Dragonslayer just knows. It's like a talisman he carries around, the knowledge of cooking spicy tofu, or stir fry. I have to take cookbooks to give me lots of food options. Dragonslayer just has lots of food options inherently in his knowledge.
  8. wear argyle: I could, but I don't look nearly as good in it as Dragonslayer. It's his "thang."
  9. give neck kisses: clearly I have the ability - I just think I'm not as good at it as Dragonslayer. My kisses there don't affect him nearly as much as his kisses there.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

03.20.2009 - 03.21.2009

does going to see one-another's performances count as a date? I don't know. Dragonslayer took off work to come to a film showing. [previously on 03.17.2009 he took an evening to see a tap dance performance, the end discussion was over thudding ballerinas and a very creepy old man]. the day after the film showing Fair Maiden watched Dragonslayer in Tragedy: a Tragedy, the tie movement was amusing. poor, poor Michael - he doesn't get any.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


went tango dancing. Fair Maiden was the impetus, as she needed a break from finals (calligraphy and art history remaining). didn't go well. Dragonslayer didn't want to be there, felt upset and clumsy. nothing for it. we may end up giving up tango dancing.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


an interesting tradition has sprung up around Valentine's Day. one year Fair Maiden bears the brunt of the festivities and showers Dragonslayer with love. the next Dragonslayer bears the brunt and showers Fair Maiden with love. this year was one of the latter. involved an entire box of valentines found all over the house over several days. delivered flowers just like in old movies or novels. an Italian dinner of yummy, yummy gnocchi (what Bella Giola does best) and lastly an evening of sleep. that's right Fair Maiden was exhausted and though Dragonslayer had planned for dancing dosing during dinner led to the decision to go home for sleeping.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

five reasons

Five actions from last week why my husband is the best:
  1. Excels at chosen professions. Both of them.
  2. Highly charismatic.
  3. Friendly to everyone, I'm always being told how awesome he is.
  4. Allows me my own choice to go with him or not.
  5. Brings me flowers and ice cream just because I'm feeling blue and he wants to cheer me up.
What a good husband!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

five reasons

Five reasons from this week for why Dragonslayer is the best husband.
  1. He is forgiving.
  2. He puts the seat down.
  3. He gives good kisses - early in the morning, on the neck.
  4. He doesn't growl about whether the laundry has been folded or not.
  5. He has the perfect hollow on his shoulder to rest my head.
image courtesy svenwerk

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

happily married says I

Dear Dragonslayer,

I'm so sorry.

I messed up, big time.

Please accept my apologies (and these images) as tokens of my affection.

Fair Maiden