Monday, November 24, 2008

fair maiden's birthday

A series of hallmark birthday e-cards sent to me from Dragonslayer:

Monday: Happy 2 days before your birthday, you beautiful sweet girl. Just remember, this semester is almost over - then you can never go back, if you so choose! I love you!

Tuesday: You are adorable, and worth every effort - even if it knocks me out! I love you a ton, and hope you have a happy birthday!

Wednesday: I love you now more than I ever have. When I think about hanging out with you, I get a smile on my face and I hear your adorable giggle. I love you, you sweet, adorable, beautiful woman. I hope you'll be my wife for ever and ever.

Then the day of my birthday dawned and Dragonslayer delivered on just what I had asked for: presents. Which he proceeded to give to me over the course of the day. There were perfume samples and moisturizer (proof Monsieur Dragonslayer reads my blog); a funny gag gift: a paper bag full of del scorcho sauce from Del Taco - delivered via a joint venture with sistah Sarah. Lastly some books: Anne of Green Gables 100th Anniversary Edition and the box set because mine was ruined a few years ago.

As for the rest of the birthday celebration (which Dragonslayer supported) it involved having dinner with friends Matt, Kathryn & Riley [and out-of-town guest] here on Wednesday (my birthday) at Noodles & Company to which I wore the crown sent in a pampering supplies care package from Mary. Then on Thursday we went out with Melanie & Jason to a local brewery & restaurant called Deschutes(the root beer is super yummy) where I was presented with my gift of a poem. Friday Kathryn had made dinner [yum!!] and a pumpkin cheesecake. Thankfully Josh & Teresa; and Ben & Jenica were on hand to help us eat it all up. Lastly Kathryn and I went shopping at Anthropologie on Saturday [using the gift card from her in conjunction with my current store of gift cards].

Basically it was a perfect birthday celebration!

Thank you to all who cared.

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