Wednesday, November 05, 2008

attention. attention, attention

Dragonslayer is not what you would call romantically-minded. usually his attempts go a bit awry, all very sweet and endearing, very much the "thought that counts" but I wouldn't say I'm often swept off my feet (unless he picked me and then knocked my head or my feet into a wall or door jamb)

anyway . . . what Dragonslayer is, is extremely attentive. if I'm thirsty he brings me water. if I'm sleepy he tucks me into bed. if I'm hungry he gets me food. if I'm weary he makes sure I have bubble-bath and warm water. he lets me decorate however I want. and gives me spending money to buy things from my favorite store. he makes sure I can get my hair cut at a place I like. he always smiles at me when I come running out of the grocery store because I stopped to smell the flowers. he holds me if I ask to be held - or if I'm just crying - and lets me change the channel when  I ask. he cancels outings when I don't want to go. and calls financial institutions because I don't like talking to them. in fact, he makes phone calls in general for me because I'm afraid of the telephone. and when I'm ill, as I often am, he cares for me and stays with me and does what he can to make me comfortable. and, yes, (as the picture illustrates) he'll hold the umbrella for me in the rain.

he's really a wonderful husband.

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