Sunday, August 10, 2008

08.08.2008 - 08.09.2008

our "golden" anniversary, the day when the numbers line up. of course in a way we always have a golden anniversary since the numbers are doubled up, and we'll have another one in 2010 when we've been married eight years. for this particular "golden" anniversary we went to Newport Beach. Dragonslayer had it all planned out and before we journeyed gave me some gorgeous flowers - which I took along with us. we saw some planes; stopped for some famous grub - Fair Maiden learned she likes buffalo meat. met some sharks and fishes. touched star fish, sea anemones and a few other fishes. a sea otter flirted with yours truly (Fair Maiden). tried flying a kite and were woefully unsuccessful. saw the Yaquina Head Lighthouse (pictured) and took away as our souvenir for the trip a button proclaiming that we had survived the climb. we also ate some extremely yummy seafood. on the way back we wound our way towards tillamook. the factory was boring but the drive was gorgeous. bundles of wrapped hay were christened giant marshmallows and the trip was ended with a meal at the Newport Seafood & Grill in Tigard.

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