Tuesday, February 26, 2008

eight lines

some years ago, my dear dragonslayer went away for two years. at the time we were good friends - yes, well, right before we were very good friends but once he left we were just friends - and we wrote a great many letters during those two years. my family can attest to the way that i would haunt the mailbox on wednesday and mope for two days after if there was no letter. for the most part there were no love letters just breezy hello-how-are-you-i-am-fine epistles. dragonslayer must have been gone for at least nine months when the poem arrived. before he left, when we were dating, he regularly wrote poems some about me and some about other things going on his life.

it was about 9 o'clock at night, i was laying on my twin bed, the lower mattress on a bunkbed and i was feeling blue because there had been no letter for over a week. as i lay listlessly tossing and ruminating i saw a piece of paper on the floor. it was folded over twice and since it was from a 2 x 3 inch notebook it was quite slim. i opened it and there were eight lines penned in a hand that i recognized but unsigned. my heart fluttered as i read the precious words and realized that it was a love poem, a delicate poem but a love poem all the same. i read it every day for a month, then i put it in my wallet where it resided until dragonslayer came home and told me we ought not to see each other. then it joined the other letters and cards of his that i had kept, and went in a shoe box.

as you know, of course, we have since married. there are few things i cherish as much though as those anonymous eight lines.

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