Tuesday, February 26, 2008

eight lines

some years ago, my dear dragonslayer went away for two years. at the time we were good friends - yes, well, right before we were very good friends but once he left we were just friends - and we wrote a great many letters during those two years. my family can attest to the way that i would haunt the mailbox on wednesday and mope for two days after if there was no letter. for the most part there were no love letters just breezy hello-how-are-you-i-am-fine epistles. dragonslayer must have been gone for at least nine months when the poem arrived. before he left, when we were dating, he regularly wrote poems some about me and some about other things going on his life.

it was about 9 o'clock at night, i was laying on my twin bed, the lower mattress on a bunkbed and i was feeling blue because there had been no letter for over a week. as i lay listlessly tossing and ruminating i saw a piece of paper on the floor. it was folded over twice and since it was from a 2 x 3 inch notebook it was quite slim. i opened it and there were eight lines penned in a hand that i recognized but unsigned. my heart fluttered as i read the precious words and realized that it was a love poem, a delicate poem but a love poem all the same. i read it every day for a month, then i put it in my wallet where it resided until dragonslayer came home and told me we ought not to see each other. then it joined the other letters and cards of his that i had kept, and went in a shoe box.

as you know, of course, we have since married. there are few things i cherish as much though as those anonymous eight lines.

Friday, February 15, 2008


valentine's day. a day of blissful intoxication, at least that's the direction we always go with it. so i was given flowers - 12 beautiful red tulips - we had a new dinner - chicken radicchio roulade and spinach goat cheese salad at a table set with red napkins, red candles and presided over by my tulips - and my favorite dessert - chocolate cheesecake and lemon raspberry cheesecake from the cheesecake factory - played a bunch of games - blink, backgammon, checkers - exchanged love letters, talked and ended, as the day should, in the altogether.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

dragonslayer skills

juggling skills
poem-writing skills
cheering skills
scrabble skills
word definition skills
combat skills
cooking skills
smiling skills
dialect skills
guitar hero skills
reading skills
chinese skills
german skills
memorization skills
lounging skills
winking skills
play critiquing skills
dish washing skills
reaching up high skills
video controller button skills
playing with dogs skills
music-listening skills
kissing skills
more word definition skills
lifting heavy boxes skills
cell phone skills
directing skills
acting like a villain skills
eating skills
dungeon master skills
nose twitching skills
cartoon voices skills
handling money skills
wrestling skills
rippling muscles skills
corny jokes skills
words-you've-never-heard-of definition skills
loving me skills

Sunday, February 03, 2008


sushi food at Sinju in the pearl. so yummy. so so yummy. i love sushi! yeah for sushi! back spasms prevent us from watching movie, juno. adventures in transportation make it a long time to get home. overall a good time.

Friday, February 01, 2008

the art of flirtation

I'm a silly-headed lass for a charismatic face twitch.
you know, a wink, raised eyebrow, there-then-gone smile; doesn't matter if the man is 21, 38 or 87, if I'm the object of (or intercept) such an overture of cordiality I color all over and turn into an addlepated jumble of girlishness.

Dragonslayer has several of these facial flirtations including, an excellent wink, a tug-at-the-corner smile, and a single nostril depression (sounds bizarre but it's guaranteed to make any woman laugh out in pleasant confusion) . . . oh and he has dimples too.

The first time I intercepted such facial congeniality from Dragonslayer was on a high school field trip.

He is a Senior and I am a Sophomore. After competing in a drama festival we are attending the event dance, I am already suffering under the weight of my crush on him so when, out of politeness, Dragonslayer asks me to dance I desperately grope for something to say-something to leave a brilliant impression-so what do I do? I say that he seems to like Tall Graceful Senior a lot.
He confesses that he may indeed like her very much.

You could slip me under a door jamb I'm so crestfallen, still I rally the shards of my dignity and tell him . . .um, what to tell him, I tell him . . . that Tall Graceful Senior is a really talented and beautiful girl so they would make a good couple. Ah!! The agony of it all. I'm pained at the remembrance.

At this point I just couldn't bring myself up to anything like my normal cheery self so I just dance, intensely wishing the song will end now! so that I can go stand in a corner by myself. Dragonslayer, never one to see a Fair Maiden in such distress, uses his patented nostril wink on me. A smile comes back to my face and I amiably chat about
Tall Graceful Senior some more (you'd think a girl could learn) and then, thankfully, the dance does end and we go our separate ways. He to dance very closely with Tall Graceful Senior and me to join a gaggle of dancing girlfriends, though still glowing in the wake of such flirtatious bliss.

Then, about thirty-six hours later, we are on the bus ride home. Dragonslayer is sitting with Tall Graceful Senior who is asleep on his shoulder. I "join" them by sitting backwards, ostensibly to take a picture. (Which to make more plausible means that I had been taking pictures of others on the bus.) As I ready the camera he exchanges a knowing look with me-we both know that he likes her, after all it's the only thing we discussed the other night when we danced together-and I am pained with jealousy. I resolve that I'm not going to like him anymore, I'm through, and then he smiles at me-ah the dimples-my resolve weakens, I take a picture-then he winks, a slow deliberate wink. Right. At. Me.

There was no hope I was fated to be an addlepated jumble.