Friday, January 11, 2008

a list about Dragonslayer

I wrote a post on FW telling other women to write gratitude lists of 100 things for their men, I gave the first 25 to them as a starter, here's the whole list.

  1. I am grateful he brings me food in the morning if my stomachhurts.
  2. I am grateful that he gets up everyday to go to work, whether he wants to go or not.
  3. I am grateful that he'll leave work at the door.
  4. I am grateful that he likes to kiss me.
  5. I am grateful that he'll warm up my side of the bed.
  6. I am grateful that he will take me on dates.
  7. I think it's awesome that he is so good at word games.
  8. I'm glad that he'll play games with me in the evening.
  9. I am grateful that he asks my opinion.
  10. I am grateful that, at my request, he refrained from being alone with any woman in the early part of our marriage.
  11. I am so glad that I can trust him.
  12. I am grateful that we have a system for dealing with when we're upset.
  13. I am grateful that he handles calling any financial institutions.
  14. I am grateful that he trusts me.
  15. I love it that we'll dance around in the kitchen.
  16. I am grateful that he instituted compliment time each Sunday.
  17. I am so glad that he lets me buy pretty clothes.
  18. I am grateful that he always picks out gifts based on things that I told him I like.
  19. I love it that he has his own hobbies and so doesn't need me to always make everything okay-he can do it himself.
  20. I am grateful when he says, "I need some space." It lets me know what's going on.
  21. I love it that he lets me snuggle up to him.
  22. I am amused with the way he plays with our kitten.
  23. I am continually impressed with how well he speaks Chinese.
  24. I am grateful he had the tenacity to complete his college degree.
  25. I am grateful I can be anywhere with him and have a good time.
  26. I am grateful that he lets me watch the movies that I like.
  27. I am grateful he lets me read all the books I want.
  28. I love the Chinese food he makes! Yum, yum!!
  29. I am grateful he recognizes our different approaches to creative endeavors.
  30. I am grateful he cares about spending time with me.
  31. I am grateful that he wants children.
  32. I am grateful for his dimples.
  33. I am grateful for his strong arms.
  34. I am grateful he gets me magazines to read and keep.
  35. I love the pleasant noises he makes when I run my hand through his hair.
  36. I am grateful he's so good at hunting dragons.
  37. I am grateful he knows himself well enough to be amused when I tell him he's hungry 'cause he's acting crabby.
  38. I love his laugh.
  39. I love it when he's excited and he picks me up in a big bear hug.
  40. I am impressed with how quickly he grasps concepts.
  41. I love it that other people love to talk with him.
  42. I am grateful he plays backgammon, skip-bo, checkers and other games with me.
  43. I am grateful he reads Scriptures with me.
  44. I am grateful he cares about his profession.
  45. I am grateful he seeks to be the best he can.
  46. I am impressed with how intelligent he is.
  47. I love it that others think he's a dancer.
  48. I love watching him roller blade-I love his attitude!
  49. I love how he focuses in on one thing and learns about it until he is an expert in that subject.
  50. I am grateful that he cares about my health.
  51. I am grateful he'll watch musicals with me.
  52. I am grateful he believes in his directing abilities.
  53. I am grateful he perseveres.
  54. I am grateful he was a part of "the machine."
  55. I am grateful he noticed me.
  56. I am grateful he gave me a sparkly wedding ring.
  57. I am amazed at how much he knows about music.
  58. I am grateful he isn't offended when I don't have the time to listen, at the moment.
  59. I am grateful he earns more than enough to pay our expenses.
  60. I am grateful he's breaking so many destructive cycles that were in his family.
  61. I feel giddy when he compliments me.
  62. I am grateful he likes to go to music concerts.
  63. I enjoy looking at him, particularly in pants he likes.
  64. I am grateful he calls to check in with me.
  65. I am grateful he loves my chocolate chip cookies.
  66. I am pleased he likes to talk about me.
  67. I am amused by his jokes.
  68. I am grateful he encourages me to have girlfriends and girl time.
  69. I am grateful he gets me bubble bath.
  70. I am grateful he apologizes when my feelings are hurt.
  71. I am grateful he teaches me how to communicate in a way that is effective.
  72. I am grateful he loves my hair.
  73. I am grateful he goes with me to my favorite store just to see me be excited.
  74. I am grateful that he likes to see me happy.
  75. I am grateful he loves my singing voice.
  76. I am grateful he fulfills his church obligations.
  77. I am grateful he plans romantic dates for Valentine's Day and our Anniversary.
  78. I am grateful he lets me do things for him.
  79. I am grateful he is social.
  80. I am grateful he sticks with our chore arrangement.
  81. I am grateful he cares for me when I'm ill.
  82. I am grateful he accepts my best efforts, whatever they are that day, as good enough.
  83. I am grateful he takes his role as provider seriously.
  84. I am grateful he gets rid of the spiders for me.
  85. I love to watch him play with dogs.
  86. I am grateful for his humility.
  87. I am grateful that he'll humor me and say, "Wow! you did what?" when I tell him that I need loving acknowledgement.
  88. I am grateful for the way he holds me at night.
  89. I am grateful he'll hold my hand and kiss my head in public.
  90. I love his smile.
  91. I feel "all a-quiver" inside when he winks my direction.
  92. I am grateful he tells me, every day, that he loves me.
  93. I am grateful he's gentle and sweet with me.
  94. I am grateful he puts things away when I ask him to.
  95. I am grateful he lets me warm my extremities against him.
  96. I love it when he puts his arms behind me.
  97. I am grateful he'll kiss me on the neck, it's so relaxing.
  98. I am grateful he agreed to move somewhere that I wanted to live.
  99. I am grateful I went to the Redwoods with him.
  100. I am grateful of all the women in the world he chose me to be his wife.

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