Thursday, January 24, 2008

halo 3

All Hail Alien Killer!!

my trousseau

i have what, in older generations, would have been called a trousseau. it consists of a hope chest, my wedding dress, favorite books, china, and a red chair, and it's currently all in a storage unit.

so . . .

dear dragonslayer,

thank you so much for paying to keep my trousseau. it means so much to me that you care about me enough to care about my belongings, keeping them safe and dry. thank you for protecting me even from the emotional hurt that would come if i couldn't keep these things. you are truly the best man i've ever known.

your li'l' wife

tireless provider

Dear Dragonslayer,

I am so impressed with how successful you have been at work. You decided that you were going to do well and you have. Every day when you come home you tell me stories that demonstrate your determination, prowess, dedication, and intelligence, and I just think to myself, “that’s my amazing husband.” I want you to know that I really appreciate what you’re doing. I know you get bored sometimes, the fact that you keep going means so much to me. I am also so grateful that you have a job that provides health insurance, it shows me how deeply you care.

I love and admire you so much.

Yours, Affectionately Forever ~

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

for he's a jolly good fellow

dragonslayer has got an excellent sense of humor

and it's lots of fun to be with someone who always has a song in his heart . . .or just stuck in his brain

Sunday, January 20, 2008


been trying for weeks to go dancing, and finally do. went to Argentine Tango dance with Adam & Courtney. learned from Alex. Dragonslayer is hooked, I want to learn the kick.

Friday, January 18, 2008

'Tis almost morning . . .

I would I were thy bird.

Sweet, so would I,
Yet I should kill thee with much cherishing.
Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow,
That I shall say good night till it be morrow.

Friday, January 11, 2008

a list about Dragonslayer

I wrote a post on FW telling other women to write gratitude lists of 100 things for their men, I gave the first 25 to them as a starter, here's the whole list.

  1. I am grateful he brings me food in the morning if my stomachhurts.
  2. I am grateful that he gets up everyday to go to work, whether he wants to go or not.
  3. I am grateful that he'll leave work at the door.
  4. I am grateful that he likes to kiss me.
  5. I am grateful that he'll warm up my side of the bed.
  6. I am grateful that he will take me on dates.
  7. I think it's awesome that he is so good at word games.
  8. I'm glad that he'll play games with me in the evening.
  9. I am grateful that he asks my opinion.
  10. I am grateful that, at my request, he refrained from being alone with any woman in the early part of our marriage.
  11. I am so glad that I can trust him.
  12. I am grateful that we have a system for dealing with when we're upset.
  13. I am grateful that he handles calling any financial institutions.
  14. I am grateful that he trusts me.
  15. I love it that we'll dance around in the kitchen.
  16. I am grateful that he instituted compliment time each Sunday.
  17. I am so glad that he lets me buy pretty clothes.
  18. I am grateful that he always picks out gifts based on things that I told him I like.
  19. I love it that he has his own hobbies and so doesn't need me to always make everything okay-he can do it himself.
  20. I am grateful when he says, "I need some space." It lets me know what's going on.
  21. I love it that he lets me snuggle up to him.
  22. I am amused with the way he plays with our kitten.
  23. I am continually impressed with how well he speaks Chinese.
  24. I am grateful he had the tenacity to complete his college degree.
  25. I am grateful I can be anywhere with him and have a good time.
  26. I am grateful that he lets me watch the movies that I like.
  27. I am grateful he lets me read all the books I want.
  28. I love the Chinese food he makes! Yum, yum!!
  29. I am grateful he recognizes our different approaches to creative endeavors.
  30. I am grateful he cares about spending time with me.
  31. I am grateful that he wants children.
  32. I am grateful for his dimples.
  33. I am grateful for his strong arms.
  34. I am grateful he gets me magazines to read and keep.
  35. I love the pleasant noises he makes when I run my hand through his hair.
  36. I am grateful he's so good at hunting dragons.
  37. I am grateful he knows himself well enough to be amused when I tell him he's hungry 'cause he's acting crabby.
  38. I love his laugh.
  39. I love it when he's excited and he picks me up in a big bear hug.
  40. I am impressed with how quickly he grasps concepts.
  41. I love it that other people love to talk with him.
  42. I am grateful he plays backgammon, skip-bo, checkers and other games with me.
  43. I am grateful he reads Scriptures with me.
  44. I am grateful he cares about his profession.
  45. I am grateful he seeks to be the best he can.
  46. I am impressed with how intelligent he is.
  47. I love it that others think he's a dancer.
  48. I love watching him roller blade-I love his attitude!
  49. I love how he focuses in on one thing and learns about it until he is an expert in that subject.
  50. I am grateful that he cares about my health.
  51. I am grateful he'll watch musicals with me.
  52. I am grateful he believes in his directing abilities.
  53. I am grateful he perseveres.
  54. I am grateful he was a part of "the machine."
  55. I am grateful he noticed me.
  56. I am grateful he gave me a sparkly wedding ring.
  57. I am amazed at how much he knows about music.
  58. I am grateful he isn't offended when I don't have the time to listen, at the moment.
  59. I am grateful he earns more than enough to pay our expenses.
  60. I am grateful he's breaking so many destructive cycles that were in his family.
  61. I feel giddy when he compliments me.
  62. I am grateful he likes to go to music concerts.
  63. I enjoy looking at him, particularly in pants he likes.
  64. I am grateful he calls to check in with me.
  65. I am grateful he loves my chocolate chip cookies.
  66. I am pleased he likes to talk about me.
  67. I am amused by his jokes.
  68. I am grateful he encourages me to have girlfriends and girl time.
  69. I am grateful he gets me bubble bath.
  70. I am grateful he apologizes when my feelings are hurt.
  71. I am grateful he teaches me how to communicate in a way that is effective.
  72. I am grateful he loves my hair.
  73. I am grateful he goes with me to my favorite store just to see me be excited.
  74. I am grateful that he likes to see me happy.
  75. I am grateful he loves my singing voice.
  76. I am grateful he fulfills his church obligations.
  77. I am grateful he plans romantic dates for Valentine's Day and our Anniversary.
  78. I am grateful he lets me do things for him.
  79. I am grateful he is social.
  80. I am grateful he sticks with our chore arrangement.
  81. I am grateful he cares for me when I'm ill.
  82. I am grateful he accepts my best efforts, whatever they are that day, as good enough.
  83. I am grateful he takes his role as provider seriously.
  84. I am grateful he gets rid of the spiders for me.
  85. I love to watch him play with dogs.
  86. I am grateful for his humility.
  87. I am grateful that he'll humor me and say, "Wow! you did what?" when I tell him that I need loving acknowledgement.
  88. I am grateful for the way he holds me at night.
  89. I am grateful he'll hold my hand and kiss my head in public.
  90. I love his smile.
  91. I feel "all a-quiver" inside when he winks my direction.
  92. I am grateful he tells me, every day, that he loves me.
  93. I am grateful he's gentle and sweet with me.
  94. I am grateful he puts things away when I ask him to.
  95. I am grateful he lets me warm my extremities against him.
  96. I love it when he puts his arms behind me.
  97. I am grateful he'll kiss me on the neck, it's so relaxing.
  98. I am grateful he agreed to move somewhere that I wanted to live.
  99. I am grateful I went to the Redwoods with him.
  100. I am grateful of all the women in the world he chose me to be his wife.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm still in love with a married man . . .

luckily, I'm still the one married to him.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


it's been a long day and Dragonslayer is exhausted, he's asleep before his head hits the pillow. a quiet question, "will you hold me?" a few movements, an outreached arm, a murmured "i love you"

all women should be so blessed.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


new year's eve party with Yi Ang and Susie, Rossina and Emily, Marin and Jonathon. played lots of Guitar Hero after eating lots of fries at Shari's.