Friday, December 07, 2007

the polyglot

what does a woman want in her champion?
strength. agility. valor. determination. ruggedness. intelligence.

enter Dragon-slayer . . . hmm, what do we see?
broad-shoulders, powerful back, well-built legs, steady arms, . . . strength, check.

agility? is there agility? hmm, running along walls, lightly lifting maidens over puddles, rollerblading forwards, sideways, and backwards . . . agility, check.

clear eyes. piercing eyes. a gaze that communicates a conscience free before men and God. steady, resounding voice recounting tales of fearlessness, boldness, tests of mettle or internal fortitude. valor, check.

a jawline indicative of set decision. watch him closely, how does he respond to pressing duties, fatigue, belligerant associates? maintains calm. continues resolutely, firmly, steadfastly. determination? double check.

ruggedness . . . have you seen him? check, check, check.

intelligence? how shall we measure intelligence? what about . . .
knowledge of the world? check.

proficiency in chosen profession? check.

conversant with rich, poor, old and young? double check.

and the piece de resistance is he worthy of his chosen maiden? does she view him intelligent? understands what she says? check. listens? check.

speaks more eloquently than her? hmm, speaks Mandarin and Cantonese. Understands German and French phrases, uses words like myopic and penury, wins every word puzzle put before him. check, check, check, double-triple check!

seems there's an authentic card-carrying champion on my hands.


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