Wednesday, December 05, 2007

i'm a lucky girl

the great things about having a champion around:

he will lift the heavy boxes-of course for him they're like lifting a kitten that's what you get when you have a very strong man around the house.

he will reach things over your head-i love the indulgent smile when he's amused at my futile efforts and he succeeds in one smooth, easy motion

he braves the elements-such an able-bodied man he'll take out the trash, take things to/from the car, lend his coat/sweater, trek to the market, and so on, all just ensure that a delicate creature like me is kept warm, dry, safe and sound

talk about perks! all women should be so lucky to have such a stalwart, hardy, tough stud of virility around . . . so blessed, i'm a lucky girl!

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