Saturday, February 10, 2007

dragonslayer strikes again

my first blog last year was about the car, and so my first blog this year will be as well . . . i am a capable, competent, intelligent woman, but when it comes to car care i feel woefully inadequate. if i just take care of it, immediately and all on my own, i can handle it fine, but if not . . . well then i am incredibly insecure about the whole thing.

so you can imagine what i was going through when it was discovered that we needed new brake pads. really a routine maintenance, but woefully needing to be down, and what do you think? i just couldn't bring myself to do it, i waited too long, but along comes a man on a white charger (or still driving our lime green kia) and reins in the problem and deals with it. just like that.

really, for all it's grumbled about, that streak of "fixing things" in men can come in mighty handily. romance to a young maiden may not look like getting the car fixed, but for a married matron it does wonders!

thanks so much dragon slayer!!

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