Monday, November 27, 2006

when the going gets tough . . . or stinky . . .

then Dragonslayer comes to the rescue.

can i describe the grossness of spending hours bailing sewage from inside your house? i don't think so, at least not until i can actually deal with it myself . . . but at least i have my big, strong, husband to save me.

i was seriously a damsel in distress, and have been, and he's been there the whole time slaying dragon after dragon . . . like where do we live now? he fixed it. or what am i going to do about work? he fixed it.

i'll say this for that "mr. fix-it" mode that many men have . . . when you really are in a funk . . . or a stunk . . . he really, really comes in handy and he's mighty comforting too.

as long as that kind, understanding, gentleman still makes appearances (so far so good) i'd say it's the best of both worlds. . .

at least if i have to be a damsel in distress maybe next time i'll manage to wear a lowcut corseted and lacy dress . . . or maybe not.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to be of service my dear. It was a pretty awful mess, but we're still alive! We'll make it through this situation too. I promise to still be a gentleman if you will always love me. Even though right now seems to be a little stressful, we'll muddle through somehow...and have ourselves a merry little christmas. ;)