Monday, November 27, 2006

when the going gets tough . . . or stinky . . .

then Dragonslayer comes to the rescue.

can i describe the grossness of spending hours bailing sewage from inside your house? i don't think so, at least not until i can actually deal with it myself . . . but at least i have my big, strong, husband to save me.

i was seriously a damsel in distress, and have been, and he's been there the whole time slaying dragon after dragon . . . like where do we live now? he fixed it. or what am i going to do about work? he fixed it.

i'll say this for that "mr. fix-it" mode that many men have . . . when you really are in a funk . . . or a stunk . . . he really, really comes in handy and he's mighty comforting too.

as long as that kind, understanding, gentleman still makes appearances (so far so good) i'd say it's the best of both worlds. . .

at least if i have to be a damsel in distress maybe next time i'll manage to wear a lowcut corseted and lacy dress . . . or maybe not.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

he's just awesome . . a poem

how is he awesome?
let me count the ways--
he's awesome in the morning
when he kisses my cheek,
he's awesome in the evening
when he obliges me with speak,
he's awesome in the bed
when i snuggle up to him,
he's awesome in the kitchen
when i eat what I whim,
he's awesome in summer
when under the stars we walk,
he's awesome in winter
when under the covers we talk.

he's just awesome
and though my poem be not as much
to say he's awesome
i can't poem enough!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

all's well that ends well

dear dragonslayer,

we are just fine. we are going to be okay. everything is going to work itself out. don't worry so much. do some more dreaming. and love me.

i love you.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

intense training

men not in a long-term romantic relationship do not understand that being with a woman is sometimes synonymous to intense spy-training: you must learn excellent listening skills, including inferrence and implication; as well as being in top-notch shape and able to talk your way out of any situation . . . or disappear as is appropriate but you've got to smooth things over properly . . . and this is much more intense than any 007 training too . . .

well, dragonslayer could teach the class . . .


watch The Prestige, going to a "real" theater [instead of the $ theatre is a treat] awesome acting, and fun to snuggle, but a "clumsy" ending.